Your Fall Checklist

The fall season surely has its downsides, the unpredictable weather, saying goodbye to vacation days and the return to the office but we think it's the most underrated season of the year when it comes to styling!

And if you don’t believe us, just give this article a read and you will become a fan in no time.

The Maximalist Edit

The need to layer is perfect for those of you who are true maximalists at heart! 

Color-blocking, pattern mixing and statement pieces is just some of the fun you could be having in the coming months.

Spring has its pastels and winter has its blues so where does that leave fall?

If you want to follow the rules, the season has a whole array of cozy, warm-toned shades and this is a great start but not quite enough for a really head-turning look.

We’ve talked about trending colors of the year in our "Pop of Color" article, some which include magenta and cobalt blue, but another stand-out color was definitely red, as attested by many runway shows and celebrity outings.

If you’re still experimenting with making your wardrobe more bold and in-your-face you can start by adding just one statement piece in a color of your choice. 

And if you ever need a refresh on color-blocking done right, it's a well-known practice practiced by Copenahgen’s it-girls, so you only need to head over to Instagram for a quick masterclass. 

Apart from colors, this period is perfect to start experimenting with new patterns and textures.

Leather and fur (faux of course!) are the most prominent materials that enjoy their “comebacks” year after year. Because leather pieces are usually made to last, you can find your next coat, bag or accessory second hand and in great condition.

The same goes for fur, if you must wear the real deal, it's always better if it's vintage!

As for patterns, after the great Vivienne Westwood passed in late 2022, many celebrities have paid homage to her love of tartan, in their everyday looks and attending her star-stunned funeral. Tartan is an especially interesting print if you wish to take your tailoring to the next level, just look at Daniel Lee’s AW23 debut collection for Burberry, the brand’s signature mute tartan was gone and replaced with electric blue, pink and yellow versions.

Photos: The Vintage Bar and @emilisindlev on Instagram.

Finally, we couldn’t forget animal prints, especially cheetah and leopard, the patterns that had fashion insiders divided, some say tacky, some say classic, and truly it's all about how you choose to style them. Just last September, Kim Kardashian and Dolce & Gabbana made a compelling case for bringing back the full leopard look. For the rest of us, a statement coat or accessory will do just fine.

Because there is no such thing as too much, you can add even more whimsy and playfulness to your look with some colorful or printed accessories like hats, sunglasses, earrings and our favorite option –  a statement bag.

Your Fall Checklist

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    Brown Wool Bottega Veneta Skirt

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    Beige Cashmere Theory Coat

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The Minimalist Approach

Maybe the return of fall for you means return to all your well-loved staples and understandably so – their evergreen quality means they will never go out of style and will always have you looking put together.

Starting with tops, depending on your climate, you might still be getting away with wearing light layers while some are already reaching for their cozy cardigans and blazers. 

A good,well-fitting pair of jeans should be a no-brainer at this point, but we all know that finding the right size and fit can sometimes take a long time.

All the more reason to enjoy your perfect pair once the quest is over –  wear them with a no-nonsense power shirt or a classic white T, finishing off the look with some cool outerwear for a clean cut and chic vibe.

You’re probably already familiar with classic fall colors – the chocolaty browns, warm beiges and creams as well as all-year round shades like black and gray. 

Materials and fabric are also pretty constant during the season, why fix something that's not broken right? Cotton, denim,leather, different types of wool and cashmere can pretty much make up your whole wardrobe.

We can all agree that for the beginning of the season there is no need to go digging for heavy-duty coats and winter jackets, which makes leather the perfect choice for the in-between days.A classic leather jacket makes an outfit instantly feel edgier and never goes out of style so having one at your disposal should definitely be on your fall checklist.

A leather bag is another everyday choice that will always be a smart investment, whether you need a working girl tote or a smaller shoulder bag.

Photos: @myblueberrynightsblog and @lovisabarman on Instagram.

To finish off our outerwear checklist,we need to mention the hardest-working wardrobe staple of the season -the trench coat. You can find endless variations of the trench, from mid-range to high-end pieces, slouchy or sharp, warm-toned in camel or sleek in black, it all comes down to your personal taste.

And finally, shoes!

In our "Transition from summer to fall" article we mentioned the key shoe swaps to make to prepare for the colder part of the year. Sneakers, loafers, ballet-flats and boots (ankle and knee-high) will have you covered well into the wintertime.

Written by Leonarda Babic
Leonarda Babic is a fashion writer based in Copenhagen.
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