Confident fashion women of today do not have to compromise their fashion sense just to be plain jane for the muted toned down office look. We have just about any high-end designer brand you desire at The Vintage Bar just at your fingertips with the click of a mouse. 


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  1. Vivienne Westwood
  2. Chanel
    Leather Shopper
  3. Prada
    Brown Canvas Shoulder Bag
  4. Stella McCartney
    Stella Shopper Tote
  5. MCM
    Vintage Front Zip Shopping Tote in Brown Coated Canvas
  6. Prada
    Canapa Monkey Logo Shopping Tote Bag
  7. 6
    Bicolor Shopping Zip Tote in Beige/Bordeaux Canvas
  8. 2
    Abbey Shopper in Black Calf Leather
  9. 1
    Fourre Tout MM
  10. 1
    Bamboo Shopper Leather Handbag
  11. 6
    Plex Canapa Shopper
  12. 1
    Vintage Shopping Zip Tote in Beige Calf Leather
  13. 1
    Prada Shopper bag
  14. 2
    Gucci Bamboo shopper
  15. 10
    Nylon/Leather shopper tote
  16. On sale
    Pink New Travel Line Tote
  17. 23
    Blue Nylon Shopper
  18. 6
    Louis Vuitton
    Damier Ebene Neverfull GM
  19. 2
    Louis Vuitton
    Damier Ebene Neverfull GM
  20. 3
    Louis Vuitton
    Damier Ebene Neverfull MM
  21. 2
    Louis Vuitton
    Monogram Neverfull GM
  22. 1
    Louis Vuitton
    Damier Ebene Neverfull MM
  23. On sale
    Pink New Travel Line Shoulder Bag
  24. On sale
    Red New Travel Line Shoulder Bag
  25. 2
    Beige New Travel Line Shoulder Bag
  26. 7
    Beige New Travel Line Shoulder Bag
  27. On sale
    Pink Canapa Tote
  28. On sale
    Brown New Travel Line Shoulder Bag
  29. On sale
    Salvatore Ferragamo
    Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini shopping
  30. 2
    Prada Shopper bag
  31. 3
    Prada Shopper bag
  32. Bvlgari
    BVLGARI Shopper bag
  33. 4
    Beige Canvas Tote
  34. Salvatore Ferragamo
    Salvatore Ferragamo Shopper bag
  35. 1
    Gucci Bamboo shopper
  36. Prada
    Prada Canapa
  37. Fendi
    Fendi Shopper bag
  38. On sale
    Yellow Canapa Tote
  39. Louis Vuitton
    Monogram Deauville
  40. On sale
    North South Shopping Handbag
  41. Fendi
    Fendi Pecan
  42. Gucci
    Gucci Bamboo shopper
  43. Fendi
    Fendi Pecan
  44. Fendi
    Fendi Shopper bag
  45. 1
    Gucci Bamboo shopper
  46. 1
    Bamboo Shopper Straw Satchel
  47. Gucci
    Gucci Bamboo shopper
  48. 1
    Gucci Swing
  49. Gucci
    Gucci Diamante
  50. Gucci
    Gucci Tote bag
  51. Gucci
    Gucci GG Imprimé
  52. Gucci
    Gucci Diamante
  53. 2
    Gucci Supreme GG
  54. Gucci
    Gucci Diamante
  55. Louis Vuitton
    Louis Vuitton Babylone
  56. Salvatore Ferragamo
    Grey Gancini Line
  57. Salvatore Ferragamo
    Black Gancini Line
  58. Prada
    Green Tessuto
  59. Salvatore Ferragamo
    Yellow Bice
  60. Salvatore Ferragamo
    Beige Shoulder Bag

More about Shoppers

There are so many choices and different types of shopper bags from the colorful multi-functional to the practical every business design for the professional woman. 

We would like to give you some reasons why you need to buy one, two or three of these shopper bags for your use. We at The Vintage Bar know that sometimes you just want your fashion simplified and here is what we offer. The Vintage Bar offers large leather shopper bags by Fendi, Gucci, Prada just to tickle your fancy. The black large leather shopper bag is a timeless bag to have in your fashion tool kit. We at The Vintage Bar, believe that true fashion never goes out of style. We sell shopper bags in many different colors and styles, so you don’t have to compromise your future style as there are a lot of variations to choose from. A woman's shopper bag should be able to go from the office to a bar to the red carpet. A bag from The Vintage Bar can make you look and feel like you belong amongst the celebrities and serious fashionistas.

Go for a foldable shopper bag for easy storage until you choose to pull it out again to put it back in your rotation of bags. Our shoppers are likely to enjoy the eclectic selection of Prada, Gucci, Fendi and many more in this category. The only limit you have here is your imagination. Who would want to limit their imagination when you can just let it run wild. Watch the compliments flow while you walk into the room with one of these shopper bags on your arm. We at The Vintage Bar know that your choice of bags can really set the tone of your outfit and say something about your style. This is who you are, a star in the making. Be stylish every day as a wise shopper that makes a bold statement.