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Designer barrettes are a great way to add style to a simplistic outfit. Barrettes are both fashionable and functional. These can be used to contain stray hairs, pin your hair up for your favorite hairstyle or simply adding a little flavor to your attire. Use these designer barrettes to achieve inspirational hairstyles. These trendy items have an exceptional way of humbly boosting confidence and switching up your looks.

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  1. 1
    We Love
    Black Nylon Prada Hair Accessory
  2. Louis Vuitton
    Beige Leather Louis Vuitton Hair Accessory
  3. Chanel
    Silver Metal Chanel Hair Accessory
  4. Louis Vuitton
    Beige Other Louis Vuitton Hair Accessory
  5. Chanel
    Multicolor Wool Chanel Hair Accessory
  6. Hermès
    Multicolor Fur Hermès Hair Accessory
  7. On sale
    Salvatore Ferragamo
    Brown Fabric Salvatore Ferragamo Hair Accessory
  8. On sale
    We Love
    Brown Canvas Fendi Hair Accessory
  9. Michael Kors
    Beige Leather Michael Kors Case
  10. Miu Miu
    Black Pearl Miu Miu Hair Accessory
  11. Jimmy Choo
    Black Silk Jimmy Choo Hair Accessorie
  12. Missoni
    Multicolor Fabric Missoni Hair Accessory
  13. 3
    Salvatore Ferragamo
    Black Fabric Salvatore Ferragamo Hair Accessory
  14. On sale
    Black Fabric Chanel Hair Accessory
  15. Louis Vuitton
    Green Plastic Louis Vuitton Hair Accessory
  16. Gucci
    Black Silk Gucci Hair Accessory
  17. Miu Miu
    Gold Metal Miu Miu Hair Accessory
  18. Saint Laurent
    Gold Yellow Gold Saint Laurent Hair Accessorie
  19. 1
    Black Platinum Chanel Hair Accessory
  20. Gucci
    Multicolor Fabric Gucci Hair Accessory
  21. 1
    Black Fabric Prada Hair Accessory
  22. 1
    Pink Plastic Prada Hair Accessory
  23. 2
    Brown Plastic Prada Hair Accessory
  24. Chanel
    Silver Metal Chanel Hair Accessory
  25. 2
    Black Plastic Chanel Hair Accessory
  26. Fendi
    Brown Plastic Fendi Hair Accessory
  27. 1
    Black Metal Chanel Hair Accessory
  28. Chanel
    Black Leather Chanel Hair Accessory
  29. 1
    White Pearl Chanel Hair Accessory
  30. Fendi
    Black Silk Fendi Hair Accessory
  31. 1
    Black Canvas Chanel Hair Accessory
  32. 1
    Pink Plastic Chanel Hair Accessory
  33. Hermès
    Multicolor Silk Hermès Scarf
  34. 2
    Black Fabric Chanel Hair Accessory
  35. 1
    Louis Vuitton
    Silver Metal Louis Vuitton Hair Accessory
  36. Hermès
    Gold Metal Hermès Hair Accessory
  37. 1
    Salvatore Ferragamo
    Beige Leather Salvatore Ferragamo Hair Accessory
  38. On sale
    Louis Vuitton
    Black Leather Louis Vuitton Case
  39. Chanel
    Black Velvet Chanel Hair Accessory
  40. On sale
    Black Platinum Chanel Hair Accessory
  41. 2
    Black Leather Chanel Hair Accessory
  42. Chanel
    Gold Leather Chanel Hair Accessory
  43. Gucci
    Pink Leather Gucci Case
  44. 3
    We Love
    Black Plastic Chanel Hair Accessory
  45. 1
    Gold Metal Chanel Hair Accessory
  46. 1
    Pink Fabric Prada Hair Accessory
  47. Hermès
    Brown Plastic Hermès Hair Accessory
  48. 4
    Black Plastic Fendi Hair Accessory
  49. 1
    Multicolor Rubber Marni Hair Accessory
  50. Versace
    Gold Metal Versace Hair Accessory
  51. Gucci
    Multicolor Silk Gucci Hair Accessory
  52. 1
    Red Silk Hermès Hair Accessory
  53. 1
    Gold Fabric Chanel Brooch
  54. 2
    Simone Rocha
    Black Cotton Simone Rocha Hair Accessory
  55. 1
    Gold Metal Balmain Hair Accessory

More about Barrettes

If you are looking for ways to dress up your favorite jeans or your go-to jacket, this is the item for you. These simple, sleek designer barrettes can alter your entire mood along with your outfit of course. This is the perfect, fun, quirky, and affordable investment to treat your self to this season. Which would serve as the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays or simply just because. This is certainly the perfect way to add a touch of personality and instant glamour to your day. Use these stylish clips and barrettes to frame your face and maybe add a little drama by layering them. This is perfect for all hair types and the varieties of styles are practically limitless. Give your accessories a little boost, choose the best barrettes for you.