Prada Bags

Whether wooing chic and sophisticated clients with a sleek leather Prada purse or leading the pack with edgy creations crafted from nylon, Prada ensures that each collection of Prada bags reflects the heart and soul of what has become one of the biggest names in fashion. With an aesthetic that appeals to minimalists as well as fashionistas, Prada handbags provide daily inspiration to those who admire clean-cut well-crafted pieces and appreciate the fun promised by vintage Prada purses.


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  1. Prada
    Brown Canvas Shoulder Bag
  2. 2
    Shoulder bag
  3. Prada
    Prada Tote bag
  4. Prada
    Prada Handbag
  5. Prada
    Prada Tote bag
  6. Prada
    Prada Shoulder bag
  7. Prada
    Prada Cahier
  8. Prada
    Prada Clutch bag
  9. Prada
    Prada Double
  10. Prada
    Prada Shoulder bag
  11. Prada
    Prada Promenade
  12. Prada
    Prada Tote bag
  13. Prada
    Prada Shoulder bag
  14. Prada
    Tessuto Nappa Waves Tote Bag
  15. Louis Vuitton
    Monogram Eclipse Voyager PM
  16. Gucci
    Medium Bamboo Shopper Leather Satchel
  17. Prada
    Canapa Logo Canvas Satchel
  18. Prada
    Leather Shoulder Bag
  19. Prada
    Canapa Logo Canvas Satchel
  20. Prada
    Saffiano Galleria Satchel
  21. Prada
    Vitello Daino Satchel
  22. Prada
    Vitello Twin Pocket Satchel
  23. 1
    Saffiano Monochrome Satchel
  24. Prada
    Tessuto Gaufre Satchel
  25. Prada
    Saffiano Galleria Satchel
  26. Prada
    Twin Pocket Pony Hair Satchel
  27. Prada
    Impuntu Tessuto Satchel
  28. Prada
    Leather Shoulder Bag
  29. Prada
    Canapa Logo Canvas Satchel
  30. Prada
    Tessuto Satchel
  31. Prada
    Tessuto Satchel
  32. Prada
    Soft Calf Satchel
  33. Prada
    Canapa Logo Canvas Satchel
  34. Prada
    Saffiano Bauletto Satchel
  35. Prada
    Tessuto Satchel
  36. Prada
    Canapa Logo Canvas Satchel
  37. Prada
    Saffiano Clutch Bag
  38. Prada
    Tessuto Stampato Drawstring Backpack
  39. Prada
    Tessuto Tote Bag
  40. Prada
    Saffiano Galleria Satchel
  41. Prada
    Canapa Logo Tessuto Satchel
  42. Prada
    Vitello Daino Concept Satchel
  43. Prada
    Tessuto Robot Satchel
  44. Prada
    Tessuto Satchel
  45. Prada
    Vitello Twin Pocket Satchel
  46. Prada
    Tessuto Nappa Waves Handbag
  47. 1
    Soft Calf Diagramme Crossbody Bag
  48. Prada
    Tessuto Tote Bag
  49. 1
    Tessuto Tote Bag
  50. Prada
    Sports Wool Pouch
  51. Prada
    Vitello Daino Shoulder Bag
  52. Prada
    Frame Leather Shoulder Bag
  53. Prada
    Tessuto Pouch
  54. 1
    Saffiano Cuir Panier Double Bucket Bag
  55. Burberry
    Leather Clutch Bag
  56. 1
    Raffia Tote Bag
  57. Prada
    Canapa Logo Tessuto Tote Bag
  58. Prada
    Saffiano Tote Bag
  59. Prada
    Vitello Phenix Tote Bag
  60. Prada
    Vitello Phenix Tote Bag

More about Prada Bags

While the brand has been crafting products since 1913, Prada really came into its own during the 1980s with its collections of simple, understated Prada bags sporting small, subtle logos in what was seen as the opposite of the bold, showy marks popular at the time among haute couture houses. While the brand has added creations with more visible marking to its collection since its first foray into the "anti-fashion" movement, its reputation for going against the grain remains and collections of Prada handbags are always in demand.

Prada has produced multiple signature designs over the years, rendering the unique styles offered by the brand increasingly exclusive and immediately recognizable when spotted in the street. The Cahier features metal corners and a strap closure reminiscent of leather-bound books, giving it a touch of playfulness to balance out its refined look and making it a favorite style of Prada purse. The Prada printed totes display a prominent vintage style logo on topstitched canvas in bright colors, making them popular choices for those who love a youthful, almost girly aesthetic. Vintage Prada purses offer up an endless of possibilities when it comes to both materials and shapes. An effective hunt for the perfect vintage piece may reveal such finds as an ultra-simple tote executed in a shiny metallic, or a streamlined crossbody crafted from fluorescent nylon. 

In addition to the nylon that sets certain Prada bags apart from the crowd, the brand has adopted the use of Saffiano leather as part of its signature crafting for Prada handbags. The Galleria bag is notably cut from this luxurious material and draws its charm from the smooth finish the leather gives in contrast to the pristine metal hardware, making it the everlasting sweetheart among fanatics of Prada purses. When it comes to more rich materials, Prada is no stranger to combining utilitarian construction with exotic detailing. Feathers, suede, studs, and accent colors regularly make appearances on Prada bags in stark contrast to the practical silhouettes underneath.

Even those unfamiliar with the Prada legacy can appreciate and recognize the value of a Prada piece as the quality and fashion-forwardness of every Prada purse is evident from the get-go. From the exuberance of the flashiest pink backpack to the hidden pleasure of a smooth leather wallet tucked into a purse, Prada handbags excite and delight with their exquisite detailing and chic designs.