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Even as Louis Vuitton continues to lead the fashion industry as one of the most powerful global brands, the familiar chocolate and tan LV motif dots the streets of every major world city. Louis Vuitton bags dangle from the arms of fashionistas everywhere as the status symbols and luxury must-haves. The brand's reputation as a top notch producer of quality handbags and bags, means that these LV designer pieces in particular are some of their most popular. 


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The variety of Louis Vuitton handbags available is truly impressive, as LV models range from the rectangular Trocadero for everyday use to the Keepall, perfect for a weekend getaway. Alongside traditional silhouettes like the practical Boulogne lie more playful creations, such as the drawstring Noe. Vintage Louis Vuitton is set off to be an advantage for Louis Vuitton purse models like the Pochette or the Papillon, often found in retro colors and specialty embossed or patent leathers. The house's tendency to recreate classic silhouettes in multiple colors and textures adds to the appeal of a Louis Vuitton handbag as a timeless yet individualized investment.

While the tan and brown LV Monogram Canvas is certainly still the most popular and most well known pattern used for Louis Vuitton bags, it is by no means the only option available as the house incorporates a number of other signature fabrics, patterns, and colors into its designs. A bright, colorful version of the Monogram Canvas called the Monogram Multicolore is almost as well known as the original and became a popular choice for Louis Vuitton purses and wallets in the early twenty-first century. The Louis Vuitton Monogram and Damier check pattern can be found in the original color scheme or can be requested in the graphite version, which features the motif in a clean grey and black.

The detailing on Louis Vuitton bags is equally fascinating to explore, especially given the house's history as a trunk maker with their own signature locks. Leather straps with buckles are the ornaments of choice on most Louis Vuitton purses, endowed with a patina that only becomes richer with time. Other pieces such as the Serviette Conseiller feature allusions to the original Louis Vuitton lock with the centrally located front closure, a showcased element of this model. Overall, the brand avoids overly flashy ornamentation for its pieces and tends to let the material take center stage on most Louis Vuitton purses.

Louis Vuitton bags have succeeded for more than a century at consistently combining the creativity of its directors and resident artists with the longstanding tradition of quality and attention to detail that characterize the creations. With the first glimpse of the classic motif so beautifully displayed on every Louis Vuitton handbag, the wearer is assured of its suitability as an heirloom piece and the lasting quality guaranteed by its prominent monograms.