Hermès Bracelets

Since its debut in the world of women's haute couture in the early twentieth century, Hermès has delighted followers with the top quality luxury goods it produces, making the house one of the most sought after brands and status symbols worldwide. We all know and love the classic carré and the celebrity-approved handbags that made the designer famous, but its offerings in the jewelry department are just as decadent and deserve their own pedestal. If you're looking for an innovative way to proclaim your love for Hermès, look into making an Hermès bracelet your next investment.


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More about Hermès Bracelets

Hermès has released several remarkable bracelet models over the years that have gained notoriety as top choices when seeking an Hermès bracelet for women. The iconic chaîne d'ancre bracelet was one of the house's first creations and has a simple design with nautical allusions. The Hermès clic clac bracelet is another style that has proved to be one of the designer's most popular. Also known as the Hermès clic H bracelet, it is palladium-plated with over 100 colors of enamel inlays available and features the house's signature H motif on the front. This bangle bracelet is easily incorporated into your personal style with its minimalist yet retro detailing and will quickly become a favorite piece.

An Hermès bracelet from the collier de chien collection is sure to be adored by animal lovers as these pieces imitate classic dog collar detailing and draw upon the brand's history of animal imagery. Contrast a vintage leather dog plaque bracelet with an oversized knit sweater for a juxtaposition that will emphasize the sleek styling and quality workmanship that every Hermès bracelet offers.