The House of Balenciaga 
Cristóbal Balenciaga is a Spanish fashion designer known by many in the fashion world for creating the future of fashion and the beginning of everything that is news in the fashion world. Cristóbal soon became famed for his innovative designs and exquisite craftsmanship. Known as the Master of Haute Couture, he was an inspiration to the designers who followed in his footsteps and today his work continues to shape fashion. Lauded as one of the greatest fashion designers of the 20th century, the precision and allure of his craftsmanship were described as being akin to sculpture or architecture.

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  1. Balenciaga
    Mirror Effect Boots
    Size 8.5,5.5,38.5 EU
  2. Balenciaga
    Ankle Boots
    Size 6,3,36 EU
  3. Balenciaga
    Size 6,3,36 EU
  4. Balenciaga
    Knife Bootie Jersey Crepe Boots
    Size 7.5,4.5,37.5 EU
  5. Balenciaga
    Logo Spandex Boots
    Size 9,6,39 EU
  6. Balenciaga
    Allover Logo Blanket Reporter Leather Shoulder Bag
  7. Balenciaga
    Explorer Nylon Backpack
  8. Balenciaga
    BB Monogram Canvas Satchel
  9. Balenciaga
    Motocross Classic Leather Card Holder
  10. 2
    BALENCIAGA Gold Motocross Classic City Bag
  11. 3
    BALENCIAGA Giant 12 Gold City Bag
  12. 4
    Giant City Rose Gold
  13. 1
    Raffia Basket Tote in Purple Canvas
  14. 11
    Pink BB Chain Shoulder Bag
  15. Balenciaga
    Cash Mini in Rose Calf leather
  16. Balenciaga
    Balenciaga The Giant Velo Grey
  17. 10
    Balenciaga The Giant Brogues City Pink
  18. 8
    Balenciaga City White
  19. On sale
    Pink Lambskin City
  20. Balenciaga
    Balenciaga Hippo
  21. Balenciaga
    Balenciaga Tote bag
  22. Balenciaga
    Balenciaga Tote bag
  23. Balenciaga
    Sac Balenciaga
  24. 1
    Pull Balenciaga 36
    Size S,36,4,8
  25. 1
    Escarpins Balenciaga 38
    Size 38,8,5 EU
  26. Balenciaga
    Robe Balenciaga 40
    Size L,40,8,12
  27. 7
    Sac À Main Balenciaga Tu
  28. Balenciaga
    Boots Balenciaga 36.5
    Size 36.5,6.5,3.5 EU
  29. 1
    Veste En Cuir Balenciaga 36
    Size S,36,4,8
  30. 1
    Pantalon Balenciaga 38
    Size M,38,6,10
  31. 5
    Giant Part Time Bag Pink
  32. 9
    Giant City Rose Gold
  33. 14
    Giant City
  34. 3
    Balenciaga Tricolor Gray Leather Cherche Midi Clutch Bag Handbag
  35. 2
    BALENCIAGA Motocross Classic Hip Bag
  36. 8
    City Bag Pink
  37. 12
    The First Black
  38. 1
    Basket in Lime green Calf leather
  39. 2
    Bucket in Red Calf leather
  40. Balenciaga
    Mini Camera 17 in Orange Calf leather
  41. Balenciaga
    Wedge Sandals
    Size 37,7,4 EU
  42. On sale
    Pink Lambskin Town
  43. 2
    Race Runner Size 38 EU
    Size 38,8,5 EU
  44. On sale
    Black Triple S
    Size 37,7,4 EU
  45. 2
    Balenciaga Traveller
  46. 3
    Balenciaga Explorer
  47. Balenciaga
    Balenciaga Navy Cabas
  48. 1
    Balenciaga Handbag
  49. Balenciaga
    Balenciaga Clip
  50. 1
    Balenciaga Paris Black Wrinkle Fabric Exposed Zipper Closure Pants Trousers 38
    Size XXS,32,1,4
  51. On sale
    Pink Lambskin City Giant 21
  52. Balenciaga
    Motocross Leather Zip Around Wallet
  53. 6
    Motocross Classic Raffia Tote Bag
  54. 2
    Navy Cabas S Canvas Tote Bag
  55. 2
    Navy Cabas Leather Tote Bag
  56. 2
    Papier Leather Compact Wallet
  57. On sale
    Black Lambskin Twiggy
  58. 12
    Town Giant 12
  59. On sale
    Pink Lambskin First
  60. 6
    Balenciaga Classic

More about Balenciaga

He was born in a small fishing village, Getaria, in the Basque region of northern Spain in 1895 where he lived with his widowed mother who was a seamstress. His mother was the first to introduce him to fashion as she created designs for the most fashionable women in the village. At the age of 12, Cristóbal started his apprenticeship with a tailor in the fashionable resort of San Sebastian where he opened his first fashion house in 1917 called ‘Eisa’ – a shortened version of his mother’s maiden name. Soon after he opened two more boutiques in Madrid and Barcelona. Forced to close down his outlets due to the Spanish Civil War, the resilient Cristóbal started all over again in Paris and in 1937 he officially opened the house of Balenciaga.

During the 1950s and 60s, some of the most glamorous women were dressed in Balenciaga, including Gloria Guinness, Hollywood actress Ava Gardner, and one of the wealthiest women in the world, Mona von Bismarck who commissioned almost all her clothing from the famous couturier. He liked designing clothes for women with a strong sense of style and soon had an extremely loyal clientele. Rumor has it that when he closed his fashion house in 1968, Mona von Bismarck was so shocked that she shut herself away in her room for three days.

Despite all this fame, Cristóbal closed down his Maison in Paris in 1968 before passing away at the age of 77 four years later. For almost two decades the house of Balenciaga remained silent before a wave of new designers were employed to carry the brand into the 21st century, including fashion accessories like shoes and handbags.

Many women know that Balenciaga is one of the most beautiful and expensive designer brands and also one of the top designers of luxury handbags. Next to shoes, handbags are one of the most important fashion accessories and Balenciaga bags are the top choice for most women who love designer handbags. In the world of handbags, owning a Balenciaga is like owning a Bentley. Made from the finest leather with top-quality construction, Balenciaga bags are light as a feather due to the ultra-thin cut of the leather. A key factor is that the style has remained virtually the same throughout the years. However, avid collectors will notice the tiny differences in each new design. Balenciaga is well known for making a larger, envelope clutches in bright colors that feature bold silver or gold hardware. This means carrying a clutch no longer means carrying a bag that is too small to hold all the things a woman needs to keep in her handbag. Their classic motorcycle style comes in many colors and shapes to suit any woman’s wardrobe.