Chanel Bags

Lovers of French fashion can't resist the allure of vintage Chanel as the iconic brand elevates the wearer's wardrobe to the height of polished refinement. A Chanel purse exudes the same kind of fashion-forward determination as Coco herself, and proudly stands as a symbol of the liberation inherent in Chanel's designs. The designer drew elements from menswear to transform women's fashion yet managed to guard a type of solid femininity that persists in Chanel purses today. 


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  1. Chanel
    Sort CC Charm belt bag
  2. Chanel
    Rød vintage CC crossbody
  3. Chanel
  4. Chanel
  5. Chanel
  6. Chanel
    Metallic Shoulder Bag
  7. Chanel
    Brown Leather Flap Bag
  8. 2
    CHANEL Single Full Flap Bag
  9. 2
    CHANEL Classic Small Jersey Double Flap Bag
  10. Chanel
    Trousse Chanel
  11. 1
    Trousse Chanel Unique
  12. Chanel
    Trousse Chanel
  13. 2
    Petite Maroquinerie Chanel TU
  14. 1
    Petite Maroquinerie Chanel TU
  15. 2
    Travel Line Tote Small Black
  16. Chanel
    CHANEL Duffle Bag
  17. 2
    CHANEL Kelly Bag
  18. 3
    CC Tote in Beige Calf Leather
  19. 1
    3 Accordion Mini Flap  in Black Calf Leather
  20. 1
    CC Tassel Camera Bag in Black Calf Leather
  21. Chanel
    Vintage CC Chain Tote in Pink/Navy Blue Canvas
  22. 1
    CC Olsen Bag in Beige/White Canvas
  23. Chanel
    Paris-Edinburgh Medium Boy in Red/Green Canvas
  24. 1
    CC Diamond Charm Small Tote in Black Calf Leather
  25. 4
    Trendy CC Flap in Pastel Yellow Calf Leather
  26. 1
    Tall Classic Double Flap in Black Calf Leather
  27. Chanel
    CC Suede Tote in Black Calf Leather
  28. 8
    Classic Double Flap 26 in Black Calf Leather
  29. Chanel
    CC Square Flap in Red Calf Leather
  30. Chanel
    CC Ball Charm Camera Bag in Beige Calf Leather
  31. 2
    CC Bubble Flap in Purple Canvas
  32. Chanel
    CC Inuit Fantasy Fur Tote in Black/White Canvas
  33. Chanel
    Rare Vintage CC Chain Flap in Black Calf Leather
  34. Chanel
    CC Coco Mark Chain Around Shopping Tote in Gray Calf Leather
  35. Chanel
    CC Tassel Camera Bag in Beige Calf Leather
  36. Chanel
    Large CC Shopping Tote in Red Calf Leather
  37. Chanel
    Chanel Travel line
  38. 11
    Boy Accordion Flap in Champagne Gold Calf Leather
  39. 4
    Lipstick Ligne Tote in Navy Blue Calf Leather
  40. 20
    CC Small Single Flap in Black Calf Leather
  41. 1
    CC Rhinestone Bonbon Tote in Red Calf Leather
  42. 4
    Boston Bag in Grey/White Canvas
  43. 1
    Reissue Lock Accordion Flap in Black Canvas
  44. 3
    CC Marshmallow Tote in Ivory/Pink Canvas
  45. 30
    Classic Double Flap 26 in Black Calf Leather
  46. 1
    Frame Bag in Cream Calf Leather
  47. 12
    Ltd. Ed. \"Lizard Skin\" Jumbo Classic Double Flap in Red Calf Leather
  48. Chanel
    Bandeau Chanel Unique
  49. 2
    Trousse Chanel Unique
  50. Chanel
    Trousse Chanel Unique
  51. 2
    Trousse Chanel
  52. Chanel
    Trousse Chanel
  53. 7
    Timeless Medium Suede Pink Medium in Pink Suede
  54. 9
    LLtd. Edition Mini Timeless Graffiti 2.55 Reissue 20 in Black Calf leather
  55. 1
    Chocolate Bar Shoulder Bag in Pink Calf Leather
  56. Chanel
    Trousse Chanel
  57. On sale
    Green New Travel Line Tote
  58. On sale
    Black New Travel Line Tote
  59. Chanel
    Sac À Main Chanel
  60. On sale
    Black New Travel Line Tote

More about Chanel Bags

Several signature elements make Chanel bags easy to spot and heighten their appeal as status symbols. The distinctive diagonal quilting featured on classic Chanel handbags adds a structured geometric aesthetic and showcases the quality of the materials. This type of topstitching is often emphasized using materials such as patent leather, which subtly underlines the masterful execution of the motif. Structured Chanel handbags remain the pieces of choice for fans of traditional Chanel quilting, although the technique also lends itself well to larger totes or weekend bags. 

Chanel bags are also known for the use of link chains, sometimes interwoven with a length of material but often left natural in gorgeous contrast to the soft fabric of the bag itself. A Chanel crossbody is the perfect piece to display this strong feature as the use of chains on the strap adds weight and a luxurious feel to the overall effect of the bag. The chains are often doubled when used as purse straps to allow the wearer to carry the bag on the shoulder or on the arm as desired, making practical use of their sturdiness as well as profiting from their aesthetic appeal. 

The signature double "C" logo can be found on nearly all Chanel handbags and has many interpretations inspired by the opulent and sometimes exaggerated costume jewelry so adored by the house's founder. Eye-catching but never gaudy, the logo can take on a sleek, modern look as the focal point on a simple leather clutch or take on a glitzier placement as crystal-embedded charms dangling from the handles of Chanel handbags. 

Chanel is no stranger to playful prints and is always seeking ways to incorporate new materials into its collections. From the tweed made famous by Chanel's iconic jackets to nylon bags made to imitate puff jackets to the brand's geometric Kaleidoscope print, the brand boldly uses various prints and fabrics to allow its clients to adapt their chosen piece to their personal preferences. Chanel bags are the perfect place to use textile to add a pop of color or an alluring texture.

Every Chanel lover understands the joy of finding the Chanel crossbody that feels just right on their shoulder, or picking up the clutch that so perfectly sets off their evening outfit. When it comes to visual impact and quality of couture, it is next to impossible to match the fabulous creations found in Chanel bags.

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