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French designer Christian Dior believed that wearing jewelry was an essential part of dressing. As such, Dior pioneered the idea of costume jewelry for everyday wear so that the average woman could afford to sparkle on a regular basis. Created right alongside Dior clothing lines, Dior jewelry designs from the 1940s and 50s featured colorful and sparkling stones in floral motifs. Specializing in colorful rhinestones that Dior said could “light up and enhance the face,” Christian Dior jewelry was the first jewelry to feature the aurora borealis rhinestone from Swarovski.


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More about Dior Jewelry

Fast forward to the 90s and beyond, and the Christian Dior fashion house is still producing some of the most beautiful costume jewelry in the world. During Dior’s life and after his death, Dior jewelry designers have continued to place an emphasis on glamour and elegance. Intricately crafted Dior earrings, necklaces and bracelets are generously garnished with the colorful rhinestones so loved by the original designer. The iconic “CD” logo can be worn on a Dior necklace as a perfect complement to the Dior logo purse. 

A gold-plated Dior necklace or a sterling silver Dior bracelet makes an ideal gift for a special woman in your life. At times, women forgot that the right piece of jewelry is just as important to their personal style as a fine leather handbag or a silk blouse. A gift of Dior earrings is a good reminder of what Christian Dior taught us, that jewelry should be worn generously with every outfit. Choose from bold logo pendants, pretty nameplate necklaces and delicate nature-inspired designs. 

If you or someone you love is a true Dior addict, the Dior necklace with vintage lock and key is a must-have for the jewelry box. Featuring an authentic lock and key from a vintage Dior trotter bag, these iconic lock and key necklaces symbolize love and loyalty. Each lock and key has been sourced from a vintage bag and repurposed on a gold-plated silver chain. You can keep the key beside the lock along the chain or place the key inside of the lock depending on your style mood. 

Whether you are looking for a Dior pendant to give as a gift or a casual Dior bracelet for yourself, we have a range of Dior jewelry styles to choose from at The Vintage Bar. Treat yourself to glittering Dior rhinestones that can be worn everyday as the designer intended, not just on special occasions. Even with the perfect handbag, your outfit is not complete without a sparkling necklace to light up your face. A lady never forgets to leave home without her handbag, and she shouldn't forget her rhinestone Dior earrings either.