The Vintage Bar is synonymous with style, status and elegance. From the shoes we sell to the vintage jewelry we select, we know that we are selecting items to meet the standards of the most selective buyer. As with all of our accessories, we only select fashionable backpacks that are made with the highest quality materials. Whether it’s a soft quilted leather or a fine canvas engulfed in a designer logo, we scope the globe to ensure we are bringing you the best quality.


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More about Backpacks

Heading to a campfire sing along? What about an African safari? You will never be unprepared with The Vintage Bar. Among our many vintage accessories, we sell vintage backpacks that are sure to fit your discerning level of style. We have an undying passion for fashion and we don’t stop until we find those highly coveted treasures to meet the style of the selective shopper. Our vast choices of fashion backpacks are as varied as your imagination. If you can think it, we can find it.

Imagine walking out of the finest retail clothier draped in shopping bags from some of the most coveted designers. You can’t go shopping with your designer hobo bag. The next best option is your designer canvas backpack. Not to worry though, just because it’s the next best option, doesn’t mean it’s not one of your favorites. The variety of designer backpacks we select include aged quilted leathers and brass finishes to complete an elegant look. With spacious interiors, you are able to fit your life in your backpack.

The selection of canvas backpacks we offer is as diverse as our many shoppers. If you have more of a classic style, you can select one of our fashionable canvas backpacks with a sequin trimmed logo. If you need to bring your laptop and notebook with you, selecting one of our more spacious backpacks will surely give you an edge while in pursuit of that ivy league education. Our backpacks come in many different shapes, sizes and colors.

Need to put a few items in a bag but don't want to use your over sized shoulder bag? Try our vintage backpacks. You can double up on the strap and throw it over one shoulder or sport it with a single strap on both shoulders. No matter how you wear this vintage piece, you are sure to draw the attention of your friends and colleagues. These backpacks do not skimp on quality and design. They are crafted from the same quality material.

The Vintage Bar only sells products made from the highest quality materials. We hand select and individually inspect every piece. If it doesn’t meet our high quality standards, we are on to find the next treasure. The backpacks we select are suited for the most selective buyers. Every item we choose has to meet that high standard that we provide. We guarantee each product to be 100% authentic and provide a certificate of authenticity.