Prada Tessuto

If you haven’t seen this Prada Tessuto and drooled over it yet, then get on it! This Prada Hobo Bag is to die for, and almost impossible to track down. Prada tessuto nylon has clearly made a comeback over the last year, and we’re not done with it yet. You have probably seen the Prada mini around the arms of some lucky girls during the fashion weeks around the world. 

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More about Prada Tessuto

This mini, but chic, Prada Sport Mini Tessuto bag is the perfect item for completing any outfit. Wear it for a night out, and give your outfit the Prada it deserves, or use it for your everyday errands and never run out of style. Get this vintage Prada tessuto shoulder bag, but be ready for envious looks from every passing woman. Also known as the Prada Hobo bag, this style is crafted of nylon and features the iconic silver Prada meta logo plaque in front, which leaves you with no doubt that you’re carrying a Prada. 

The Prada tessuto nylon often comes in the classy black color, with which you can never go wrong. But for those of you who wish a flashier accessory, it can also be found in light blue, green, red, pink, yellow and other colors.