Prada Shoulder Bags

In the 80’s Miuccia Prada stood in direct opposition to everything that was on-trend at that time, and released her first style, the Prada Vela, in the ultimate anti-luxury material: pocone nylon. This became a huge success and today you’ll find most of the Prada shoulder bags in nylon. The material is perfect for every kind of weather, and is easy to maintain. With a Prada nylon shoulder bag in every color you’d like, you will definitely find the one for you. When buying a colored Prada nylon shoulder bag, you’ll notice that the color will change depending on the light of day, because of the fabric.


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More about Prada Shoulder Bags

The Prada Shoulder Bag comes in different styles, colors and shapes, and we are sure you can find the perfect one! This style can be used for every purpose, whether you’re looking for a over the shoulder bag to carry to school, work or for fun. Depending on the size of the Prada nylon shoulder bag, you can carry a laptop or your everyday essentials. The Prada nylon shoulder bag can either have a main zipper or often, you’ll find this shoulder purse with an easy access open top. This gives you the possibility to store your necessities even on the run and keep your Prada over the shoulder. 

For a different look, go for the vintage Prada with gold chain straps. This detail gives the bag a more elegant style, and it also comes in a ton of different colors for every season. To get the raw, edgy, more rock and roll look, we have the perfect Prada shoulder bag with leather corners and strap.