Prada Promenade

The shape of the Prada Promenade is classic and has been a staple for Prada for a long time. The Promenade bag is a sophisticated bag and has a rounded top giving it a nice retro look, meaning the Prada Promenade will be a great addition to any outfit, working well with both casual and formal dressing.

More about Prada Promenade

Prada was founded in 1913 in Milan by Mario Prada and his brother, Martino, under the name Fratelli Prada. Prada started out as a leather goods shop that sold animal goods and steamer trunks and handbags imported from England.

The Prada Promenade is made in Saffiano leather. Saffiano leather was invented by Mario Prada, the founder of Prada – this fits well with the Italian fashion house’s beginning as a leather goods shop. The material is made of calf leather, which is coated with wax and then pressed with a hatch pattern. Saffiano leather is extremely durable as its both water and scratch resistant. This means that the Prada Promenade bag is a great bag to buy secondhand as they won’t have many signs of being used.

The Prada Mini Promenade was introduced in 2013 and it differs from the original Promenade bag on more than just size. The original Promenade bag has a single top handle and a hanging luggage tag, whereas the Mini Promenade bag has two rolled top handles and no luggage tag. The Promenade bag measures 26 x 35.5 x 16 cm whereas the Mini Promenade measures 17 x 25 x 11 cm, meaning it’s about half the size of the original Promenade bag. Both bags have a detachable shoulder strap, making them both multifunctional. The Mini Promenade and Promenade bag also both have two compartments divided by one zip-fastened pocket. They come with an exterior couchette with a keyring and a two-way zipper. All Promenade bags have Prada’s triangle logo plaque on the front making them instantly recognizable.

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