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Delving into the Iconic World of the Prada Nylon Collection? The Prada nylon cosmetic bag is an iconic piece from their archival and current collections. It has become part of early 1990's style and emblematic of that era. It was recently reissued in the past couple years due to nostalgia for older styles. The Prada nylon collection is universally cheaper than its leather counterparts, but it is no less fashionable or coveted. 


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More about Prada Pouches

Girls and women of all ages have been wearing these purses for decades, and their popularity show no sign is slowing. In fact, the resurgence of interest in them has only made them more desired as influencers and celebrities flock to get their hands on rarer pieces. The first collection was launched in the mid 80's as a casual answer to the blinged out fashions of the decade. Nylon is fairly utilitarian textile, but these small cosmetic bags made it more luxurious due to the name attached. It quickly become an overnight success, and it was frequently copied by mass market retailers. The Prada nylon series continued to grow in popularity before it eventually reached its height in the early 2000's. Prada stopped marketing and making the line in favor of other styles. However, current trends brought it back due to younger generations discovering its ease and originality. Prada reissued the nylon pouch in classic black along with a slew of additional Millenial approved colors. Today, the bag's growing popularity only tell of its classic design and identity. The Prada Nylon Cosmetic Pouch at a Glance. 

The nylon Prada cosmetic bag is one of the entry pieces into the bespoke collection. It is one of the more affordable options in the series rendering it a very popular item among younger shoppers. It is designed to be a pouch to hold makeup or other trinkets. The bag contains a center zip and corresponding triangular logo medallion emblazoned on its front side. The pouch is perfect for travelers or for an everyday Prada makeup bag or pouch. Of course, many younger shoppers invest in the Prada cosmetic bag and use it as an actual clutch purse. The pouch is price friendly for those who want an iconic piece of the Prada nylon collection without having to shell out the big bucks for the actual handbags. Many attach handles or customize to them with unique chains or patches to make them more personalized. The Prada cosmetic pouch is quickly becoming a coveted piece among the young and fashionable set. There are many ways you can wear and use your Prada cosmetic pouch. The most common way is, of course, to use it as its intended purpose as a Prada makeup bag. Slip this pouch into your work handbag, and you will elevate your daily look with a classic piece from a respected luxury dealer. It comes in plenty of colors to match your mood or personality. Pick the timeless black nylon pouch for a look that will never go out of style. Plus, it will show blemishes and dirt less than a lighter color. If you prefer a wilder more modern color, then choose a sugary pink or fire red pouch to stand out among the masses. Either way, your cosmetic pouch game will be enhanced with an investment in a Prada nylon bag. 

As mentioned previously, your Prada pouch can also be used as a purse. It is chic and understated enough to be worn out and alone. It is more than just a basic makeup bag thanks to its iconic design and unique material. This is a piece that you will have for years to come if you take care of it. Plus, you can never go wrong with a Prada pouch in a classic color. As a nylon pouch, it is simple to clean and carry. The easy fabric can be wiped down in a hurry, and it does not carry stains unlike other cloth fabrics.