Prada Messenger Bags

Good for every occasion, the Prada Messenger Bag is definitely a good companion. Crafted of the popular nylon fabric, this bag can be subtle, yet luxurious, all at once. The closing flap, with the leather parts and buckles, gives the bag a more casual look, which makes this bag perfect for your everyday life. And to top it of, the flap gives you a more secure bag. 

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More about Prada Messenger Bags

The most recognized Prada messenger is in the black color and since everyone knows black and silver is the perfect match, Prada has added the silver hardware on the Prada Nylon Messenger Bag, which makes it the perfect style. Even though the black Prada messenger is a true classic, do not underestimate the bright colors, that Prada has chosen for their nylon bags. Also a hit, are the Prada Messenger bags in blue, yellow, purple, brown and many more. For a more golden look, chase the Prada Nylon Messenger bag with the gold hardware, which can be hard to find. 
This unisex style can be the perfect pal, for women as well as for men. Wear this Prada messenger bag as a shoulder bag, or as the crossbody it was meant to be, leaving your hands-free. 

If the Prada Messenger is too much for you, choose the Prada Small Messenger. Half its size, this small messenger is also a sell-out. Still with room for all your necessities, get on that mini-trend with the Prada small messenger. 
No wonder Prada decided to re-launch this nylon style with some slight changes to it.