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Formerly a political science student and mime, Miuccia Prada took over her grandfather’s fashion house in 1978. Setting her focus on changing Prada’s strategy and aesthetic, Miuccia’s arrival shook up the house. Within just a couple of years, she designed a backpack crafted out of nylon. Though it does not seem like much now, especially since the material has become synonymous with the brand, it was a revolutionary design decision at the time. Up until that point, Prada was strictly a purveyor of luxury leather goods, supplying high-end luggage to Milan’s elite (including the royal family). The backpack, named the Vela, was an instant hit, becoming the very first style to earn the ‘IT bag’ title and proving that nylon was not the anti-luxury material many had considered it to be. Miuccia quickly began using it to make ready-to-wear as well. 

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Today, Prada Jackets and Coats are among some of Miuccia’s most sought-after nylon pieces. Originally released as part of Prada Sport in the ‘90s, they experienced a resurgence in popularity after she revived the line (and renamed it Prada Linea Rossa) in 2009 and 2018. 

The house’s take on athleisure wear, Prada Nylon Jackets are the definition of casual-cool. Crafted of the synthetic material, they are practical, making them the perfect outerwear for bad weather days. With very minimal branding (just a red stripe or triangle logo plaque), they are also understated, meaning only those who are ‘in the know’ recognize them as Prada. 

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