Prada Fanny Packs

Prada Fanny Pack Taking Over as the Ultimate Fashion Accessory.Designer fanny packs are in the midst of a major revival. Gaining credibility as the ultimate streetwear accessory, fanny packs are no longer just for stereotypical tourists. However, designer fanny packs go way back in history and may be the oldest fashion trend that is still relevant to date. Originating as the Iceman’s belt 5,000 years ago. 


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More about Prada Fanny Packs

Prada took the popular fanny bag under their belt and made it out of their trademark “vela” material. The Prada Belt Bag serves practicality and style in fashion. Lately, the focus on practically as shifted more towards the attention of becoming a fashion accessory. Now strayed away from only producing Prada fanny pack in their traditional nylon, you can find a range of other fabrics it’s crafted in: leather, saffiano leather, suede, to name a few. 

Prada sought for a start of an era by making an environmental impact in the fashion industry but introducing their new “Re-Nylon” collection – made from recycled ocean plastic. A Prada Fanny Pack is one of the 6 bags from the new collection that will be launching in 2021. Miuccia Prada, claims “Focusing on innovative materials will allow the company to explore new boundaries of creative design while meeting the demand for ethical products”. Prada fanny packs are the best crossbody on-the-go, perfect at keeping all your essentials close to you with easy access. No matter how you wear the Prada belt bag, wrapped around your waist or slung across your chest, you will look high fashion.