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Prada Backpack is the Ultimate Balance of Style and Practicality. Miuccia Prada released her famous Prada backpacks in 1979. They are made out of Pocone, a waterproof nylon fabric. The tough military fabric was inspired by Miuccia’s grandfather’s cover for his steamer trunk. Success did not come immediately for the Prada backpack, but eventually became Miuccia Prada’s first commercial hit. And now, nylon has become a trademark material of Prada products.


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More about Prada Backpacks

Forty-years later and the Prada Backpack is still relevant. The Prada Nylon Backpack comes in various colours and sizes – classic black is the one you will most often spot but if you’re lucky you can get your hands on Prada Vela Backpack in any other colors in the rainbow. Size down and get the Prada Mini Backpack. And if you’re feeling out of the box, in 2016 Prada released a limited edition Robot Capsule including a Prada Leather Robot Backpack. The second hand market may be the only place you can find yourself one.

Prada's Nylon Backpack, also known as the Vela, is the ultimate sightseeing companion. Big enough to fit your water bottle, camera, and guide book, but compact enough not to weigh you down. Explore a new place, looking like one of the OG supermodels that sported this bag – hung over one shoulder, of course – back in the ‘90s.

If you’re looking for men’s backpacks, you should go for the Prada leather backpack, since it has a bit more masculine look than the nylon one.