Louis Vuitton Trousse Toilette

1854 was the year when Louis Vuitton Matellier opened the door to his company. Today we know it as one of the most powerful and well-known fashion house in the world. However, Matellier originally started his company with the purpose of creating practical and secure luggages for the aristocrats. He was highly praised for his quality of work. To date, the French brand has continued to keep Matellier’s vision alive. 


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More about Louis Vuitton Trousse Toilette

For those who are tired of a basic cosmetic pouch, why not spice it up with a Louis Vuitton Toiletry bag. It is crafted in its classic Louis Vuitton Monogram on coated canvas. The Louis Vuitton Trousse Toilette is also available in 3 different sizes: Louis Vuitton Trousse Toilette 28, Louis Vuitton Trousse Toilette 23, or Louis Vuitton Trousse 18. The Louis Vuitton Trousse Toilette 28 is the largest in the Trousse family, while the Louis Vuitton Trousse 18 is the smallest. 

The Louis Vuitton Trousse Toilette is the perfect accessory for every occasion. This spacious pouch gives you the opportunity to bring all your beloved essentials with you on every vacation or weekend. It’s unique washable textile lining makes it convenient to carry your make-up without worrying about spills and leakage. It also features an elastic strap that will keep your face wash and make-up brushes in place. There is no doubt that this Louis Vuitton Toiletry bag is the solution for storing all your essentials in style.