Louis Vuitton Sac Maman

1854 was when Louis Vuitton Matellier introduced his French Fashion House to the world. He originally founded the brand as a luggage purveyor and was highly respected for his artistry and craftsmanship. He did not want the public to tint the design and originality of his work with its status symbol. To date, Louis Vuitton has continued to release beautiful pieces with a balance of functionality and aesthetically pleasing designs.


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More about Louis Vuitton Sac Maman

The Louis Vuitton Sac Maman is a prime example of the brand’s ability to designs bags with a balance of being posh and practical. Sac Maman, which directly translates to mommy bag, is the perfect diaper bag for all moms-to-be. Its two exterior pouch pockets are sized to hold the diapers, wipes, and bottles every mom needs quick, easy access to; while, its two interior compartments fit all the extra clothes and toys any baby could want. The Sac Maman is crafted of Lin canvas, a more flexible and lightweight material with subtle LV monogram pattern and buckle detailing.

The Louis Vuitton Sac Maman is designed with a casual, yet sophisticated blend in mind. This luxury diaper bag can be stuffed with every baby essential and will never add to the already heavy load. Mommies-on-the-go, look no further! The Sac Maman is, quite literally, the mother of all bags.