Louis Vuitton Manhattan

Beginning as a trunk making business in 1854, the House of Louis Vuitton has since become famous for its leather goods. LV has released some truly iconic bag designs over the years. Many of the most eye-catching and memorable designs came out in the early ‘00s. One of the most notable bags from this time is the Louis Vuitton Manhattan Tote. With the era making a comeback and LV’s Monogram as popular as ever, there has never been a better time to get hold of this iconic bag. 

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More about Louis Vuitton Manhattan

The enduring popularity and seemingly timeless appeal of Louis Vuitton are largely owed to the house’s ability to combine creativity and innovation with its rich heritage. 

Marc Jacobs embodied this ethos when at the helm of LV. The Manhattan Tote, designed by Jacobs in 2005, is an example of Vuitton’s classic look merging with contemporary styles. The Manhattan has all the trappings of early ‘00s fashion. The spacious design sports statement gold-tone hardware both reminiscent of Vuitton’s humble beginnings as a trunk maker and a staple of flashy ‘00s style. The bag is inherent of Jacobs’ heavily adorned and decadent designs. It typifies his ability to combine his striking and contemporary design aesthetic with the classic allure of LV. The Manhattan Tote embodies Jacobs’ era at Louis Vuitton more than any other Monogram bag. 

Featuring two front flap pockets with push-lock openings, this roomy design has all the compartments an LV lover will ever need. It is available in two sizes, the PM and the larger GM size. In fact, the style proved so popular that the house relaunched the bag in 2017.