Louis Vuitton Looping

The Louis Vuitton Looping Bag is named for its padded handle, which swivels (or loops) from side to side. 

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More About Louis Vuitton Looping

Available in PM, MM, and GM (from smallest to largest), each features this signature handle and the house’s Alcantara lining, which is loved for its very plush, suede-like feel. However, the Lopping family does look slightly different in each size. While the MM and GM have a zipper closure, the PM has a flap closure; while the PM and MM look like a shoulder bag, the GM looks more like a tote.

Louis Vuitton’s Looping Bag is a classic, everyday option in all three sizes. If you want something lighter and more compact for shopping and running errands, either the PM or MM is best; if you want something that will fit your tablet and paperwork for the office, the GM is most suitable. 

The Looping last retailed at 940 € (for the MM), but you can shop pre-owned and save! The Vintage Bar offers it for around 468 €. Just be sure not to miss out. Louis Vuitton’s Looping is not easy to find and does not stay in our collection for very long. A popular style, it is sought after by collectors.