Louis Vuitton Lead

1854 was a monumental year for the French brand Louis Vuitton. It was the year their founder Louis Vuitton Matellier started his business. He originally opened it as a luggage purveyor, crafting extravagant and practical pieces for the wealthy class. People loved his work and to date, it has the brand has become a global phenomenon respected internationally. 


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More about Louis Vuitton Lead

The Louis Vuitton Lead is crafted of Vernis, a material first released by Louis Vuitton in 1998. Vernis, which directly translates to varnish, is a high-shine, patent leather embossed with LV’s iconic monogram. The Louis Vuitton Lead features a Vernis body with flat Vachette leather straps and an open top. LV’s Lead Tote is available in 3 different sizes: Louis Vuitton Lead PM, Louis Vuitton Lead MM, and Louis Vuitton Lead GM. The Louis Vuitton Vernis Lead PM is the smallest size of the Lead family, while the LV Vernis Lead GM is the largest. 

In 2002, Louis Vuitton released a collaboration with Robert Wilson – an American Artist. In collaboration they released a line of bags in florescent Vernis Monogram, this included giving the class Louis Vuitton Lead tote a spunkier look. Aside from this collection, the LV’s Vernis Tote has been released in a range of fun colors to more neutral colors. There is a LV Vernis Lead Tote for everyone’s personal style.