Louis Vuitton Josephine

Louis Vuitton was originally a luggage purveyor store. It was owned by Louis Vuitton Matellier in France. He was highly respected for his luggage designs – blending style and functionality. Due to popularity, it did not take long before he stored to branch out and designed accessories and bags as well. Today, Louis Vuitton is globally known for their luxury style goods. Matellier’s dream for his company has continue to live on. 


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More about Louis Vuitton Josephine

The Louis Vuitton Josephine is the perfect everyday bag. It is designed with a perfect balance of sport and chic, which makes it suitable for many different people. Unzip its main exterior zipper to a spacious interior. The body of the Louis Vuitton Josephine bag resembles the doctor’s bag but in a more modern and classy touch. The Louis Vuitton Josephine Bag is available in 3 different sizes: Louis Vuitton Josephine PM, Louis Vuitton Josephine MM, and Louis Vuitton Josephine GM. The Josephine PM is the smallest from the Josephine family aka Louis Vuitton Josephine Mini Lin, while the GM is the largest. 

The Louis Vuitton Josephine is uniquely crafted in Lin canvas, a more lightweight material, and features a sized-down Louis Vuitton monogram. The durable canvas compose of 58% cotton, 224% linen and 18% polyamide. The Josephine comes in a range of beautiful colors. Throw it over your shoulder and style it with your favorite pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, to get the casual cool look!