Louis Vuitton Géronimos

The Louis Vuitton Géronimos is crafted of Damier Ebene. It features a zip-around main compartment, which can fit the most basic essentials, and an adjustable, fabric strap. A traditional waist bag, carry the Louis Vuitton Géronimos when you want hands-free convenience. 

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More about Louis Vuitton Géronimos

To the surprise of many, Damier (not Monogram Coated Canvas) was actually Louis Vuitton’s first signature material! 

Introduced in 1888, Damier was created to replace Rayée Canvas, which was detailed with the same stripes other luggage manufacturers also used and was, as a result, too easy for counterfeiters to imitate. Damier is a two-toned checker pattern (Damier translates directly to ‘checkerboard’ in English). Originally, it was printed in red and white, but its colors later changed to Louis Vuitton’s now-iconic brown and beige. In 1998, it was reintroduced as Damier Ebene. It has since been offered in many different color schemes (for example, Damier Azur and Damier Graphite) and is still in production today. 

With many different styling options, the Louis Vuitton Géronimos is extremely versatile. String it through your belt loops (or not) and wear it snug around your waist, or shorten its strap and sling it crossbody over your back or chest. 

Perfect for both men and women, this Louis Vuitton Belt Bag looks best with athleisure wear. Make it your go-to on casual weekends.