Louis Vuitton Gibeciere

The Louis Vuitton Gibeciere is named after a pouch used by buskers/street musicians. Inspired by street performers’ pouch, the act of performing to the public for gratuity means it is important to keep your goods close to you. And that is how the Gibeciere came to be. With its adjustable Vachetta leather crossbody strap, it enables you to keep all your personal belongings by your chest or hip, providing ultimate hands-free convenience. 

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More about Louis Vuitton Gibeciere

The chic design and luxury style makes the Louis Vuitton Gibeciere ideal for every fashionista on the go. Crafted in its iconic Monogram on coated canvas, the Gibeciere is available in 3 different sizes: Louis Vuitton Gibeciere PM, Louis Vuitton Gibeciere MM, and Louis Vuitton Gibeciere GM. The Louis Vuitton Gibeciere PM is the smallest from the Gibeciere family, the Louis Vuitton Gibeciere MM is medium size, and the Louis Vuitton GIbeciere GM is the largest. Both the MM and GM feature a large flap front with buckles providing closure for its double pockets. The Gibeciere PM instead has one large flap front with a button closure. 
Regardless of which size you choose, the Gibeciere has a spacious interior. You can fit everything in it - though, not a rabbit. But there is no need to wave a wand to have a magic moment, just carry the Gibeciere.