Louis Vuitton Croissant

The Louis Vuitton Croissant is the perfect everyday bag. Inspired by the crescent moon, the Croissant is shaped in a half moon, croissant body. It is crafted in the iconic Monogram on coated canvas. This is truly a rare piece and a one of a kind find from Louis Vuitton, as it is also no longer in production. So, why look further? Shop vintage and have us source your dream bag for you! 


More about Louis Vuitton Croissant

The Croissant was released in 3 different sizes: Louis Vuitton Croissant PM, Louis Vuitton Croissant MM, and Louis Vuitton Croissant GM. LV Croissant PM is the smallest from the Croissant family, while the Louis Vuitton Croissant GM is the largest. The Croissant PM is even spacious enough to fit all your essentials such as cellphone, wallet, and make up. Regardless of the size, its elegantly shaped hobo bag features an adjustable shoulder strap. 

Due to the shape of the Louis Vuitton Croissant, the bag offers comfortability with your underarm resting nicely on the curve of the bag. This bag is truly a beautiful and classic shoulder bag from Louis Vuitton. So carry this LV bag on your next date night, nothing screams fierce, independent woman than when you strut into your date confidently with your Louis Vuitton Croissant.