Louis Vuitton Cite

Louis Vuitton Matellier began his journey of establishing the most known luxury fashion brand at a young age. His big life move to Paris, France at the age of 16 started it all. Eventually opening the largest luxury travel item store. It did not take long before Louis Vuitton grew internationally opening retail stores in Beijing and New York. Now, no matter where you travel to Louis Vuitton is a global symbol of luxury fashion. 


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More about Louis Vuitton Cite

The Louis Vuitton Cite is crafted of either LV’s iconic monogram on coated canvas or Damier on coated canvas. The LV Cite is available in 3 sizes: Louis Vuitton Cite GM, Louis Vuitton Cite PM, and Louis Vuitton Cite GM. The Louis Vuitton GM is the largest from the Cite family, while the Louis Vuitton PM is the smallest. The Louis Vuitton Cite features only one leather shoulder strap, whereas the GM and LV Cite MM feature double shoulder straps. 

With its sophisticated yet playful rectangular shape, the Louis Vuitton Cite transitions seamlessly between the office and weekend. Put your phone and lip balm in its external zipper pocket for easy reach, and store the rest in its roomy main compartment. Carry the Cite to both an important board meeting and brunch with your girlfriends.