Louis Vuitton Cartouchiere

Louis Vuitton, the Fashion powerhouse that we know it as today was opened in 1854 in France. Louis Vuitton Matellier originally started it as a luggage purveyor, where he designed travelling goods with a balance of style and practicality. His work was very popular with the wealthy but he did not want his products’ craftsmanship to be tainted by its luxury status. To date, Louis Vuitton continues to release many products where they blend style and functionality. 


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More about Louis Vuitton Cartouchiere

The Louis Vuitton Cartouchiere bag was named and styled after the bandolier, a belt worn by soliders to carry their cartridges, the Cartouchiere exudes stylish practicality. Unfortunately, the company has discontinued the Cartouchiere sometime in the early 90’s but you can get a vintage Louis Vuitton Cartouchiere here! The luxury crossbody bag is crafted of either Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram on coated canvas or Epi Leather. The bag features a flap closure unbuckle and opens to a spacious main compartment. The Louis Vuitton Cartouchiere is available in 3 different sizes: Louis Vuitton Cartouchiere PM, Louis Vuitton Cartouchiere MM and LV Cartouchiere GM. The Louis Vuitton Cartouchiere PM is the smallest from the Cartouchiere family, while Louis Vuitton Cartouchiere MM is the medium size and LV Cartouchiere GM is the largest. 

This hard-to-find Louis Vuitton piece is a timeless piece and a must-have for Louis Vuitton collectors. This is your chance to get it while you can! Carry the Cartouchiere crossbody, or shorten its strap to transfrom it into a shoulder bag. This is a 90s piece that you don’t want to miss out on.