Louis Vuitton Briefcases

Looking for the perfect gift for the hardworking (wo)man in your life? Give her or him a Louis Vuitton Briefcase. The French Fashion House’s briefcases connects deeply to the history of the brand. It’s holds a strong association with Louis Vuitton Matellier’s original vision for his brand as a luggage purveyor, focusing on design and functionality of his travel bags. To date, Louis Vuitton Briefcases honour Matellier’s standards and craftsmanship. 


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More about Louis Vuitton Briefcases

Louis Vuitton has released a variety of soft-sided briefcases in many of their different prints. Some of The Vintage Bar’s most classic Louis Vuitton briefcases consist of Louis Vuitton Porte Documents, Serviette Ambassadeur, and Serviette Conseiller. Louis Vuitton Porte Document is the only one listed that is still in production, but why buy new? When you can buy an affordable vintage bag. 

The Louis Vuitton Briefcase serve multiple functions, whether it’s used as a Louis Vuitton Laptop Bag or Louis Vuitton Portfolio – it offers a balance of functionality and style. It is also not gender specific, men and women can both use their briefcases, making it a popular choice for many. With its spacious main compartment and multiple pockets, there is space for a laptop and every important document. Carrying the Louis Vuitton Briefcase, they will look like they mean business.