Hermès Blazers

The legendary House of Hermès is perhaps most famous for its leather goods and signature silk scarves. However, the refined and stylized ready-to-wear clothing has proved key to maintaining the house’s reputation for elegant yet relaxed French style, which is unparalleled in quality and craftsmanship. Hermès blazers, a jewel in the house’s ready-to-wear crown, have long defied the fast fashion cycle that plagues the industry. They have become a timeless Hermès classic. So why not invest in one for yourself? 

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  1. Hermès
    Multicolor Silk Hermès Blazer
    Size 38 EU
    € 1,644.50
  2. 1
    Beige Wool Hermès Blazer
    Size 34 EU
    € 366.85
  3. Hermès
    Black Cotton Hermès Blazer
    Size 38 EU
    € 569.25
  4. Hermès
    White Fabric Hermès Blazer
    Size 46 EU
    € 202.40
  5. Hermès
    Multicolor Fabric Hermès Blazer
    Size 40 EU
    € 2,403.50
  6. On sale
    Blue Cotton Hermès Blazer
    Size 42 EU
    € 277.00
    € 152.35

More about Hermès Blazers

Thierry Hermès started his namesake brand in 1837 in Paris to make equestrian gear for European nobility. From this, his brand grew along with a reputation for excellence. 

Hermès runway shows typically forgo frills and flashiness. Instead, they are infused with the refined style and sophisticated elegance that comes to mind when thinking of the brand. Blazers are an integral part of the brand’s ready-to-wear offerings. Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Egyptian blue suede ‘umpire’ blazer for his tennis-themed spring 2010 collection and his black and chestnut brown leather blazers for fall 2004 are perfect examples of his ability to create generously outlandish yet sleek styles. 

Hermès blazers have proved to be the epitome of relaxed yet formal, laissez-faire French style. They perfectly embody the lasting quality and legacy of the Hermès brand. In 1940, The New York Times famously described Hermès as “perhaps the only establishment in the world in which one cannot buy a single article that is not in perfect taste.” The functionality and stylized flair of a Hermès blazer is not going out of style any sooner than the Birkin or Kelly will cease to be on the arms of A-listers and fashion’s elite.