Hermès Belts

Hermès is known and adored across the world for its leather craftsmanship, so it is no surprise that the most coveted belts are the Hermès belts. Priding itself in its rich French heritage, Hermès meticulously craft each belt using traditional techniques and incomparable materials. A symbol of luxury, they make a worthy addition to your wish list. Browse our collection of authentic Hermès belts.

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More about Hermès Belts

With many buckles, sizes, and colorways available, Hermès offers a wide range of belts for men, women, and kids. Many of them are double-sided, making them reversible. The men’s belts are available in two widths (32mm and 38mm), and the women’s belts are available in three (13mm, 24mm, and 32mm). Make a statement with a wide Hermès belt in a bold color, or choose a slimmer one in black or brown for a more discreet look. 

The Hermès Constance belt and the Hermès H belt are perhaps the House’s most iconic belts. They have endured the test of time and solidified their place in history as a wardrobe staple. The two styles look alike, so they are often confused, and their names are used interchangeably. To tell the two apart, look at the serif on the buckles. On the Constance, they only point outward. 

Another renowned Hermès accessory is the Collier de Chien belt. Collier de Chien directly translates to ’dog collar’; needless to say, the inspiration for this belt was drawn from the House’s dog collar, initially designed upon request from a customer who wanted a collar for her bulldog. The buckle is adorned with four-faceted Médor studs and a ring in the middle. This reiteration led to a range of other CDC products, including bracelets and rings.

So how much does a Hermès belt cost? Hermès offers a collection of customizable belts ranging from just below $500 up to $1000+ for a belt kit. A belt kit includes a leather strap and a belt buckle that can be mixed and matched with other straps and buckles. The leather straps are also sold separately (starting at approximately $340), but the belt buckles are not.

From leather belts to bracelets and scarves, discover more pre-loved and vintage Hermès at The Vintage Bar.