Gucci Shoppers

The Gucci shopper is the staple of any serious Gucci aficionado and merits its spot on your closet shelf as one of the most practical high fashion accessories available today. In the post-war period, leather was scarce and many designers were scrambling to keep up with demand for handbags. Gucci made waves and turned heads by using bamboo as the main material in the production of its shopper bags, securing the piece's place as an icon with its ingenious molded bamboo handles. 

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More about Gucci Shoppers

Whether made with bamboo, leather, canvas, or one of the brand's luxurious materials, the Gucci shopper has kept its charm and is a fabulous choice for those looking for a sturdy yet chic midsize bag that can keep up with the most rigorous fashion hunters from Santa Monica to 5th Avenue. This shopper bag has a place for all the necessities plus room for purchases and comes in a huge variety of colors. Keep an eye out for the more classic Gucci canvas version of the shopper with durable leather detailing, or pick it up in a playful bright colored leather with the signature bamboo handles. 

This Gucci must-have can suit any individual style and is sure to be a hit whether paired with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual brunch with friends or packed with your favorite bikini and worn with a floral maxi dress for an impromptu trip to the seaside. No matter which version you choose, it's hard to go wrong with a Gucci shopper on your arm!