Gucci Pouches

The Gucci pouch is an excellent choice for your first foray into the world of Gucci as just a glimpse of the glamorous little sack on your bathroom counter or tucked into your luggage will make your day! Don't hesitate to start a collection of these small, practical purses as you will never run out of ways to use them. 


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More about Gucci Pouches

The Gucci pouch bag comes in many shapes and sizes, each version as charming as the next and a fabulous way to keep your cosmetics together. Keep an eye out for the Gucci pouch style makeup bag with its zipper closure and relaxed rectangular box shape; this little sack screams Gucci when fabricated from the traditional GG Diamante canvas in navy and gray with navy leather or when sporting the even more classic brown and beige motif. 

The slimmer vertical rectangular models of the Gucci pouch can easily double as a clutch, giving you even more ways to use this simple yet stunning little bag. The slightly wider base means it can sit up independently when being used as a makeup bag and also gives you a little extra room to hold all the essentials when heading out for a night on the town. The Gucci pouch bag is offered with a variety of different detailing, including the option of a webbing stripe down the center of the bag, leather accents across the top or framing the bag, or metallic logos that will add just a hint of pizzazz to your daily routine.