Gucci Clutches

Nothing adds instant class quite like a Gucci clutch casually tucked under the arm or grasped in front of a gorgeous evening gown. The designer specializes in making the small bag a fashion statement and the purse is a favorite among celebrities and royalty, frequently spotted at all type of events. Salma Hayek is particularly fond of her collection of Gucci goods, pairing her Dionysus Gucci black clutch with city-ready black slacks and a polished lipstick print blouse for a totally professional look.


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More about Gucci Clutches

Try a Gucci clutch purse in patent leather with a bejeweled clasp as the focal point as a conversation starter for your next date, or look for the traditional coated Diamante canvas or suede versions in neutral colors for a sophisticated finishing touch to your outfit. When it comes to leather detailing, each model offers slight variations on styling to give you the chance to complete your own individualized look, also incorporating touches of the designer's signature web and accent hardware as desired.

While most would think that the clutch style leaves little room for anything but the bare essentials, the Gucci clutch feels roomy despite its compact silhouette. While any small bag works well with a more minimalist aesthetic, a clutch pulls it off in style and lets you focus on getting the most out of your day without being weighed down by your stuff. A surprisingly versatile way to incorporate the carefree appeal of a strapless handbag with the demands of daily life, a vintage Gucci clutch is a great choice for those who want to feel glamorous on a daily basis.