Gucci Bowling Bags

Nothing adds retro flair to an outfit like a Gucci bowling bag. True to its name, the bowling bag is outfitted with a classic rounded shape suitable for carrying a bowling ball that has gradually developed into the structured handbag as we know it today. Originally gaining popularity in the 1920s, it made a huge comeback in the 1950s and 60s and retains an association with this era of sleek, colorful style. The 1990s saw another resurgence of the handbag and the Gucci interpretation of this style consistently proves to be a favorite. 


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More about Gucci Bowling Bags

Characterized by the a stripe of their signature striped webbing wrapped around the middle of the bag, the traditional Gucci bowler is crafted from their signature Diamante canvas and features neutral leather detailing and handles. However, there are many variations on this basic version that allow for personalization and make this a great choice for a Gucci handbag. Look for models with contrasting leather details, often found in the bright colors that add to the retro feel of the bag and hit the perfect balance between seriousness and fun. 

Ideal for almost any occasion, this handbag is a fabulous choice to transform your work outfit and boost your confidence in the office but looks equally chic dressed down with joggers and a slouchy sweater. Like a trusty old friend, the bowling bag is a model you can fall back on time after time as a way to enhance your ensemble. Make room in your wardrobe for the Gucci bowling bag and before long, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!