Goyard Key Holders

Originally from a village in Burgundy, the Goyard men once worked as log drivers, moving firewood into Paris. When Edmond Goyard created the house’s signature material in 1892, known as Goyardine canvas, he was inspired by his family’s history. Unlike most luxury designers, he did not use the first letter of the brand name to create its monogram; instead, he interlocked the central letter. Forming the ‘Y’ out of a series of dots, it resembles the logs that were piled up and driven by his ancestors. Though it is now etched by machines, the ‘Y’ pattern was once hand-painted onto the canvas. Often confused for leather, Goyardine is actually a cotton and linen blend, which has been coated to be waterproof and durable. The production of Goyardine canvas stopped just after WWII, but it resumed again in 1998, when Jean-Michel Signoles took over. He introduced new colors, and Goyardine canvas has been used to make all of the house’s designs ever since.  

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More about Goyard Key Holders

Shop from our collection of pre-loved Goyard Key Holders, which are crafted of Goyardine canvas. Whether you prefer the Saint Michel (a wallet style, which has six keyrings and snaps closed) or the Sesame (a lanyard style, which has one large keyring and loops around the wrist), you will carry your keys in style. But, picking your favorite is not the only hard part. You also have to choose among a variety of colors: black, red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, navy blue, burgundy, grey, white, and (if you are lucky) a limited-edition pink.

When you find the Goyard Key Holder you have been looking for, just be sure to act fast. As it does not sell online and only has stores in select cities around the world, it is not easy to find a Goyard Key Case.