Fendi Pants

Over the years, logos have fallen out of and back into fashion many times. Some seasons, they are considered to be a tacky, not-so-humble brag; while others, they are considered to be an in vogue way to declare brand loyalty. Though one of the most polarizing trends, we can confidently assert that logos are not going anywhere, as they represent more than just a brand’s name, telling its story and establishing its values. 

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More about Fendi Pants

Fendi’s ‘FF’ (or Zucca) logo was created in 1965, when Karl Lagerfeld sketched it during his first meeting as the house’s artistic director. Standing for ‘Fun Fur’, the inverted ‘F’s were intended to line the house’s fur coats. After all, Lagerfeld had been hired to revitalize Fendi’s fur line. However, after becoming popular in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the logo has featured on almost all of the house’s designs.

Browse our collection of vintage Fendi Pants. Want to proudly assert your love for the house? Choose a pair of Fendi Pants that is covered in the Zucca Print. In the house’s traditional tobacco and beige colorway, the logo especially stands out. Still not sure all-over logos are for you? Go for a more subtle pair of Fendi Pants. In white, the Zucca Print is much more toned down. Not to mention, we also stock options that do not feature the double ‘Fs’ at all. 

No matter which pair you pick, the logo trend will never officially end. Whether you wear them now or keep them in your closet for a later date, Fendi Zucca Pants are a collector’s item.