Fendi Jackets

Initially specializing in fur, Fendi has been famous for its outerwear since it was founded by Adele and Edoardo Fendi in 1925. In fact, Karl Lagerfeld was originally hired to revitalize the house’s fur line. Shredding its fur coats into strips and dyeing the pelts bright colors, Lagerfeld modernized them, transforming fur from a symbol of luxury to fun! Though his fur pieces were critically acclaimed, Lagerfeld faced a lot of backlash (primarily from PETA activists, who regularly protested his shows and even threw tofu pies at him before an event in 2001). Though Fendi still designs with fur today, albeit less than in past seasons, it also uses a range of other materials for its outerwear line. Fendi Jackets and Coats prominently feature nylon, wool, and leather. 

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Sort by Recommended
  1. Fendi
    Black Denim Fendi Jacket
    Size 38 EU
    € 793.50
  2. Fendi
    Black Cashmere Fendi Jacket
    Size 38 EU
    € 464.42
  3. 1
    Blue Wool Fendi Jacket
    Size 42 EU
    € 230.00
  4. On sale
    White Leather Fendi Jacket
    Size 36 EU
    € 635.80
    € 572.00
  5. 4
    Brown Polyester Fendi Jacket
    Size 38 EU
    € 339.00
  6. 1
    Black Acetate Fendi Jacket
    Size 36 EU
    € 533.36
  7. Fendi
    Beige Polyester Fendi Jacket
    Size 36 EU
    € 282.50
  8. 1
    Silver Fabric Fendi Jacket
    Size 40 EU
    € 1,586.00
  9. 1
    Pink Fur Fendi Jacket
    Size 36 EU
    € 5,300.00
  10. On sale
    Black Nylon Fendi Jacket
    € 398.00
    € 339.18
  11. On sale
    Beige Polyester Fendi Jacket
    € 482.96
    € 410.83
  12. Fendi
    Grey Fabric Fendi Jacket
    Size 32 EU
    € 97.60
  13. Fendi
    Blue Denim Fendi Jacket
    Size 36 EU
    € 600.00
  14. Fendi
    Grey Velvet Fendi Jacket
    Size 36 EU
    € 1,085.80
  15. 3
    Grey Cotton Fendi Jacket
    Size 36 EU
    € 624.29
  16. 5
    Brown Nylon Fendi Jacket
    € 776.56

More about Fendi jackets

Shop our collection of vintage Fendi Jackets at The Vintage Bar. We offer a variety, so you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Want a layer you can wear alone in the fall and under a water and wind resistant outer shell in the winter? Our Fendi Fleece Jacket is especially versatile and warm.

Want a calf-length piece that will show your brand loyalty? Our Fendi Zucca Coat features the house’s iconic ‘FF’ logo in its traditional tobacco and beige colorway. It screams Fendi. 

Want something a bit more subtle? Our Reversible Fendi Coat is a true 2-in-1. Flip it so its solid side faces out and the house’s Zucca print lines its interior. You can keep it basic, but still get a pop of Fendi. 

No matter which you choose, you will stay warm in style.