Fendi Boston Bags

Established in 1925 by Edoardo and Adele Fendi, the fashion house got its start in high-end furs and leather goods. In the ‘40s, Fendi’s founders passed their legacy down to their daughters (Paola, Franca, Carla, Anna, and Alda), who have since been referred to as the ‘Fendi Five’. In an effort to keep Fendi modern and relevant, the sisters hired Karl Lagerfeld to serve as the head designer for its ready-to-wear and fur collections. In 1965, during his first meeting with them, Lagerfeld doodled as they spoke. Within just 5 seconds, he had sketched the now-iconic ‘FF’ (also called the Zucca). Standing for ‘Fun Fur’, it was originally supposed to line just the interior of Fendi’s fur coats, rebranding and revitalizing them; however, it quickly became the house’s logo. Though the ‘FF’ was most popular in the ‘80s, it has made a comeback since the height of logomania in 2018. 

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More about Fendi Boston Bags

Want to show your love for Fendi? Take a Fendi Zucca Boston Bag on your next quick getaway. Whether you are treating yourself to a relaxing weekend at the spa or exploring a new city, the Fendi Boston Bag will help get you there. A perfectly sized travel bag, it can fit every essential you need for 3 days and 2 nights. Not to mention, completely covered in the house’s ‘FF’ logo, everyone will know it is a Fendi. 

Browse our collection of Fendi Boston Bags and find the one that best suits you. While most are in the classic tobacco and black color scheme, some feature sequins and colorful detailing. Whether you prefer a traditional or limited edition Fendi Zucca Boston Bag, be sure to add it to your cart quickly, so you have it in time for your next vacation.