Dior Scarves

No longer just for old Hollywood glamour scenes, you do not have to be cruising down the highway in a classic convertible to pull off a silk scarf. Brought back into fashion by some of our favorite French fashionistas (who else, of course?), it is now being styled for everyday wear in spring. 

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More about Dior Scarves

Want to bring a little style to a wet April day? Use a silk scarf to secure your low ponytail and throw on an oversized trench coat comme Chloé Harrouche. 

To look as effortlessly très chic as Jeanne Damas, drape a silk scarf around your neck, but leave it untied. Then, just add a little rouge to your pout. 

On a breezy, slightly chilly day, wrap and knot a silk scarf around your neck. Top off your look with a sleek leather jacket à la Leia Sfez. 

Dress up an old bag by winding a silk scarf around one of its top handles and, voila, you will look just like former-First Lady Carla Bruni. 

Running out of options on laundry day? Tie a silk scarf just under your arms and wear it as a strapless top. Paired with Levi 501s, you will achieve that certain je ne sais quoi that Pia Mbd has. 

Feeling ready to try out the French-girl look? Now, all you have to do is find the perfect silk scarf. Though every major brand has released one of its own (from Zara to Christian Dior), many are shopping pre-owned to ensure their take on the trend is unique. Browse through our selection to find a vintage Dior Scarf. Whether you choose one that is detailed with the house’s Oblique logo or a floral print, you will look absolutely parfait. With at least five different ways to style it, you will want to wear your Dior Scarf through summer.