Dior Lady Dior

A fashionable Christian Dior bag is the, not miss Dior, but Lady Dior bag, which is named after the beloved Lady Diana and is as elegant as its namesake. The bag changed name from “Chouchou” to “Lady Dior” after the style was seen around the arm of Lady Diana on every occasion. As she went by the name of Lady Di during her engagement to Prince Charles, Dior decided to rename the bag after her; the Lady Dior. 


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More about Dior Lady Dior

Over the years, the Lady Dior Bag has been made in multiple colors and in different materials. Especially the Lady Dior Handbag crafted of black leather has always been very popular amongst the women, since the Lady herself was often seen with this specific style. Also the bag crafted in nylon will always be a hit! Some of the most wanted colors are the pink and red leathered and the black and dark blue nylon. But the Dior Lady bag can also be found in colors which you don’t see as often, as the dark yellow or the tanned colored, both in nylon, or the blue denim. 

Following the mini bag trend, Dior also made the Lady Dior Mini bag. The mini size has been the perfect accessory for numerous women on the red carpet and during the summer time. The Lady Dior Mini always comes in the same colors and materials as the small, medium and large sizes. Mostly worn as a handbag, this mini bag will lift up every outfit. 

The Lady Dior can be worn crossbody with its long shoulder strap or can be used as a handbag with its charming handles. This Dior is now available in four different sizes and with the galvanized D.I.O.R charms. The Lady Dior bags prices vary, depending on the design and the size. 

Head to a Dior boutique, the only place the Lady Dior is sold, to purchase one of its latest styles. Or shop the look for less, by procuring yourself one of these vintage Lady Dior bags.