Dior Coats

Cinching waists, exaggerating busts, and adding volume to skirts, Christian Dior was known for designing clothing that emphasized a woman’s silhouette. His style, which was coined the ‘New Look’ by Carmel Snow (the Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar between 1934 and 1958), was both widely critiqued and acclaimed. As it required an excessive amount of fabric (on average 20 yards per piece) after post-war rationing, it was considered opulent. Due to its use of corsets, which restricted movement, freedom, and comfortability, Coco Chanel (his biggest rival) also deemed it oppressive. Nevertheless, Dior’s ‘New Look’ revolutionized the fashion industry, defining women’s style throughout the ‘50s and continuing to do so through modern influences today (most recently, it has been updated by designers like Miuccia Prada and J.W. Anderson). 

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More about Dior Coats

Though not designed by Christian Dior himself, our selection of pre-owned Christian Dior Coats evidences that the ‘New Look’ is still celebrated by the house. Start browsing and you will notice that even the bulkiest Dior Coats accentuate a woman’s shape. 

The Christian Dior Trench Coat, one of the most popular pieces of outerwear from the house, might be long and oversized; however, the placement of its epaulettes rounds out the shoulders and its waist strap creates an hourglass effect. For an elegant look, and a nod to Christian Dior’s style, tie it and pair it with heels. Wearing this Dior Coat, you can show off your figure on even the rainiest of days...or, not. Leave it untied and pair it with chunky boots for a more modern, edgy look.