Dior Bracelets

When it comes to haute couture, Dior is the cream of the crop, so why should it be any different when it comes to the illustrious house's exquisite jewelry collections? Take part in Dior's heritage of fashion excellence by adding one of their gorgeous bracelets to your jewelry box, a choice you won't regret!


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More about Dior Bracelets

The Christian Dior bracelet is a fantastic way to incorporate one of Dior's iconic logos into your wardrobe. Take advantage of the vintage styles available to explore such designs as the playful Dior oblique logo, the classic CD symbol, or letter motifs captured in the eye-catching charm model. Dior bracelets range from delicate creations crafted from sterling silver that make the perfect dainty accompaniment for a feminine ruffled blouse to chunkier gold-plated chain styles designed to be worn as statement pieces with your favorite minimalist dress. Whether giving a presentation or meeting a friend for coffee, the Dior bracelet is a subtle yet effective way to incorporate the designer's fabulous French style into your vie quotidienne.

For extra flair, keep an eye out for an ultra-elegant Dior pearl bracelet. The addition of these smooth gems makes your Dior bracelet a piece that transitions seamlessly from day to night, ensuring you are just as refined during your workday as you are for your date at the symphony afterwards. Dior's unique vintage designs may also feature top quality rhinestones as part of their high-end detailing, so don't pass up that adorable rhinestone-studded charm bracelet in the shape of a bow or that sparkling CD logo number with the medium-weight chain. Your new Dior bracelet may just end up becoming your favorite accessory!