Dior Bowling Bags

With a big resemblance to the Dior Travel bag, this Dior Bowling bag is slightly smaller and can store just your bare necessities. As this style was first produced in 1997, it is only appropriate to categorize this as a true vintage bag. The Bowling bag fits perfectly around your wrist and will always bring your outfit a little Dior! Carrying Dior’s Bowling Bag, every look will be a perfect strike.


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More about Dior Bowling Bags

Find this style in the color that fits you and your style. Very popular colors are the black, dark blue and bordeaux, crafted of Jacquard canvas and featuring leather details on the bag and leather handles, in the same color as Dior’s monogram on the Jacquard canvas. If you are looking for a bag that stands out, Dior crafted the bowling bag in see-through and pink vinyl. Although this style is hard to track down, you won’t regret waiting to get that special look. Not all the bowling bags will be as girly as this one, most of them will blend perfectly in with your everyday outfit – but wear it with a little black dress and you’ll be ready for going out. 

Over the past couple of years, Dior re-launched the Bowling bag with some slight changes and most of all, a clean Jacquard canvas design. Because of it’s popularity, Dior also decided to re-produce the mini Bowling bag. This style can be found in even more colors and some in coated canvas.