Dior Anklets

Ankle bracelets appeared in Vogue for the first time in the '60s and briefly resurfaced in the '70s before they gained serious traction in the '90s. Like so many other '90s trends, anklets have made a major comeback in recent years. It is, yet again, the ultimate summer accessory. As soon as the sun comes out, so do the sandals and anklets. But who says they only can be worn in the summertime? Whether you are wearing a bikini or cropped tailoring, anklets are undeniably cool.

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More about Dior Anklets

Dainty or chunky, classy or funky – whatever you are looking for, one thing is sure: Dior knows how to make jewelry that will effortlessly carry you through the summer season and beyond. Styled with sandals, heels, or sneakers, it only takes two seconds to elevate your look with one or more anklet(s) around your ankle.

In our ever-changing selection of Dior anklets, you can find silver- and gold-finish metal anklets with nameplates, the oblique logo, and 'CD' or D.I.O.R charms. Opt for a simple Dior chain for understated elegance. Some anklets are embellished with rhinestones, while others are polished to a high shine. Either way, they will glimmer in the sunlight and dazzle everyone on cloudy days. Make sure to check out our Dior necklaces and earrings for a matching set.

In the words of no other than Christian Dior himself, "a piece of jewelry is a delightful addition that accentuates your outfit and personalizes your look." At The Vintage Bar, we live by these words, which is why we strive to offer a wide assortment of jewelry so you can showcase your style.

Put your best foot forward with a vintage Dior anklet from The Vintage Bar.