Chanel Sneakers

Considering his predecessor was known for breaking all the fashion rules (Coco wore pants, used jersey in her designs, and mixed costume with bespoke jewelry), when Karl Lagerfeld introduced Chanel Sneakers, it was not all that surprising. Coco Chanel did have a store in Deauville, which specialized in sportswear, and she is now credited with making it acceptable day-to-day wear. A more casual and comfortable shoe, sneakers definitely stay true to her legacy of creating pieces women could move freely in. It was a bit shocking, however, that Lagerfeld chose to debut the Chanel Sneakers in his Spring/Summer 2014 Haute Couture runway, pairing them with ball gowns for all 65 looks. 

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Since Lagerfeld’s first design, Chanel has released a number of styles in-house and in collaboration with others (Pharrell Williams, Adidas Originals, and Reebok). They include various colorways (ranging from all white to pops of neon), materials (including wool, tweed, and PVC, which are untraditional for sneakers), and silhouettes (high top, low top, chunky ‘dad’ sneakers, sleek racers, and more). 

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