Chanel Necklaces

Few images have had as much influence on the course of fashion history as that of Coco Chanel wearing an extravaganza of pearl necklaces with a simple black long sleeve top and a seductive over-the-shoulder glance. Take part in the eternal chic that is Chanel every time you choose to wear your own treasured Chanel necklace, guaranteed to bring instant class to your ensemble and a confident smile to your face.


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More about Chanel Necklaces

When it comes to necklaces, Chanel's best-known pieces feature the iconic CC logo in metallic finishes and studded with rhinestones. The Chanel CC necklace may be a delicate creation in sterling silver or can pack a real punch with brightly colored stones decorating the interlocking letters of the logo. The Chanel pearl necklace gives the classic CC a feminine touch, creating yet another interpretation of the popular style. 

However, the possibilities don't end there; the designer also favors medallion style pendants embodying Coco's love of costume jewelry and inspired by ancient Roman imagery and symbolism. For a true statement piece, look for a Chanel necklace with a thicker chain and gold-toned rope texture that creates a stunning contrast when peeking out from a sharp black blazer.

Don't miss the classic Chanel lock necklace as a fantastic way to complete any Chanel lover's jewelry collection. This cheeky classic is a vintage masterpiece and can be worn with your favorite sundress for a cutesy look or turned into an edgy, avant-garde choice when paired with minimalist garb. For maximum versatility and intense sartorial clout, make a Chanel necklace your next investment.