Chanel Bracelets

For those who really want to stand out, a Chanel bracelet is the perfect way to sparkle every time you move. With their trademark French elegance permeating every piece, the house of Chanel transforms wrist wear into works of art. Drawing influence from a variety of sources, the Chanel bracelet takes a traditional type of jewelry and elevates it with its own unique haute couture interpretations.


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More about Chanel Bracelets

The Chanel charm bracelet takes two of Chanel's signature elements and combines them, utilizing its classic link chain sometimes interwoven with fabric or leather as well as the interlocking CC logo as a main focal point among the various charms. Naturally a statement piece, this design gives a sophisticated twist to a timeless classic. Of course, no vintage collection would be complete without a Chanel cuff. These wider pieces can be fashioned from materials ranging from resin to sterling silver and count among the designer's more edgy creations; watch for oversized logos, geometric detailing, and contrasting color combinations.

In a similar vein, the Chanel bangle bracelet picks up where the cuff left off when it comes to giving fashion-lovers the opportunity to display some of the designer's more unique jewelry designs. Wear a slim acrylic version with subtle CC logos with a three-quarter length sleeve for a touch of elegance, or pair a wider Chanel bracelet in gold with your favorite jewel-tone blouse for an eye-catching outfit during your next night out. When it comes to versatility with a powerful high-fashion punch, the Chanel bracelet is a heavy hitter that never disappoints.