Chanel Boy Bags

Far more than just a name, the Chanel Boy Bag was inspired by the love of Coco's life, Boy Capel, and is rendered even more alluring by the story behind it. Carry the Boy bag to channel this famous love story and take advantage of the timeless style that permeates every aspect of this much-admired purse. While the Chanel Boy bag price is nothing to blink at, you'll find that it quickly proves its worth and will nicely round out your designer collection.


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More about Chanel Boy Bags

The triple quilted border around the edge of the Boy Chanel bag's front flap is one of the details that makes it easy to differentiate this bag from other models with similar construction. While the Chanel Boy bag has been reinterpreted in many ways over the years, you can't go wrong with the classic black quilted version sporting the unique brick lock, another feature that characterizes the Chanel Boy bag and looks particularly luxurious in gold. The Chanel Boy bag sizes also make this a choice that works for any lifestyle; go big or small depending on your usual agenda, or get a few in several sizes to be prepared for every occasion. 

With their sturdy structure and attention to detail that is typical of Chanel, used Chanel Boy bags are a great find for the Chanel collector as these purses are built to last. Look for vintage leather models of the used Chanel Boy bag with the designer's high fashion caviar finish and revel in the compliments that are about to start rolling in. Pair the Boy Chanel bag with light-wash jeans and a tailored blouse for a combination of textures that will turn heads wherever you go.